Tesmec products are used in different fields of applications.
A brief summary of the applications, divided by sectors and activities is provided below:

Raw material transport in the oil & gas field is extremely crucial and strategic. Secure and reliable energy transport infrastructures are essential for global energy and geopolitical balance.

Tesmec products are used in different fields of application linked to power lines, thanks to advanced equipment.

Tesmec solutions for electrified railway lines and management of the tracks are: railway lines electrification, catenary maintenance and track maintenance, catenary monitoring and track monitoring.

Tesmec machines are especially designed for the installation of underground conduits for telecommunications networks. In particular they are engineered for the following applications: long-distance networks, urban rings, access networks.

Tesmec offers advanced machines and high-level services that find application in the following fields: bulk excavation works, railway soil preparation, maintenance of urban work site, urban drainage systems.

Tesmec machines can be used for many fundamental agricultural applications, such as: soil reclamation, agricultural drainage, irrigation networks construction.

Tesmec products and technologies are used in the renewable energy sector - for the construction of underground connection networks in renewable energy plants, and for the efficiency and management of power networks.

Tesmec provides the best equipment for bulk excavation and selective mining in quarries, focusing on safety and productivity.

Tesmec machines, thanks to their efficiency and accuracy, are used for the construction of urban infrastructures, such as sewers and water pipelines, and extra urban infrastructures, such as water channels.