Bertel S.p.A.
Bertel S.p.A.

Bertel is a participated company founded in 2011 that deals with design, construction, installation and maintenance of electronic devices and systems. It operates in sectors such as tele-control, industrial automation and telecommunications, both in private and public domains. Bertel also develops systems for lines and stations at low, medium and high voltage.
In our areas of expertise, it is essential to invest in know-how and know why. In Bertel 100% of the operating staff consists of highly qualified engineers engaged in research, development and customer support, to ensure extremely high quality standards.
The company is specialized in providing flexible solutions to meet every need, even with custom products, with professionalism and competence.

Registered Office: 
Piazza S.Ambrogio 16, 20123 Milano – Italy
Subsidiary Company
Via Zanica 17/O
24050 Grassobbio BG