Chainsaw Trenchers

Chainsaw (CS)
Chainsaw Trenchers trenches excavation

Tesmec Chainsaw trenchers ensure minimal over-excavation with regular trench walls and floor. The excavated material is deposited in a continuous windrow alongside the trench. Where the space is limited, the excavated material must be discharged to dump truck directly with a truck loader conveyor. Tesmec Chainsaw trenchers are suitable for water conduits, utilities, pipelines and cables ducts (such as fiber optic projects or electric cable networks) excavation, also in residential areas or in close proximity to utilities structures and other networks of pipes and urban infrastructure.

Available models: 775DT "Dirt Series" - 885 - 975 - 985 - 1150XHD - 1475 - 1675 - M3 - M5 - TLM 60/60 - 800

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