Power Grids Management

Power Grids Management
Smart Grid | Power grids management

The growing global population is driving an increase in the demand for electricity while governments around the world are focusing on reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emission.
Smart grid is the future and will provide a great contribution in solving these issues, as they can give:
- High capacity: fulfilling the growing global demand of electrical energy.
- High reliability: providing high-quality electrical energy whenever it is needed.
- High efficiency: increasing the efficiency of power generation and reducing losses in transmission, distribution and consumption of electrical energy.
- Sustainability: by increasing the utilization of renewable energy sources in the power chain.

Smart Grid is a two-way network, able to manage the energy flows to the users but also in the opposite direction. They are evolved grid systems that manage electricity demand in a sustainable, reliable and economic manner, built on advanced infrastructure and tuned to facilitate the integration of the components involved in the network.
In addition, the Smart Grid network provides information that will enable the new energy traders to modulate the new scenario of liberalized energy market.
Tesmec Group solutions for an optimal power grids management are based on modularity and scalability features, ensuring maximum interoperability. They guarantee the compatibility with previous technical solutions and are future-proof at the same time.
Tesmec offers complete systems for power grids management, monitoring and control, managing the communications through effective devices.