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Special Projects

Special Projects

Tesmec offers solutions to carry out special projects and difficult works, in the stringing operations field, but also in the railway lines maintenance application and in huge infrastructural projects.

The route of transmission lines might have to cross rivers, lakes or fjords: following a particular stringing procedure with technical skills is an essential requirement to pass over these obstacles. Tesmec experienced and specialized jobsite team can offer the right support for the stringing work site management - even in the hardest conditions.

Sometimes the railroad maintenance can be difficult: to remove snow from the track, railway vehicles - fast and efficient - for special applications are required. Tesmec designs and produces railway vehicles for special applications, such as snow removal units, that can be customized standing to the client's needs.

The realization of huge infrastructures might comprehend wide excavations or high-precision trenches in urban areas: high performing machines and professional coordination of the work site are required to face these projects. Tesmec Trencher Division provides customized services and solutions for digging projects, even the hardest ones.

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