Georadar Technology

Georadar technology to detect underground utilities

Georadar Explorer is a Ground Probing Radar capable to detect underground utilities before trenching and laying new cables in urban areas.
This system has been developed in order to guarantee the safety of the trenching work sites and to increase the operation speed, without having to face any trouble or losing money in case of breakdown of existing underground utilities. The product developed by Tesmec is a solution for the Trench Technology and is complementary to it.
Georadar Explorer has a higher level of reliability compared to the GPR Systems currently available in the international market.
By using radio-frequency energy, Georadar equipment (also called GPR - Ground Probing Radar) can explore materials without interfering in their physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics.
The Georadar Explorer uses an array of antennae, lined up in the transversal direction with respect to the direction of movement and operating simultaneously; in this way, a better detection of linear utilities is provided.
This allows the user to measure the area under investigation both completely and rapidly, therefore providing much more complete and reliable information than the conventional systems - usually mono-antenna - can offer.