Power Line Communication

Powerline Communication
Power line communication technology PLC channel system

A power line system still remains the most cost-effective solution to cover the operational needs of a power system.
Depending on the specific function and on the power line type, there are two different kinds of power line communication technology: the PLC channel (Power Line Carrier) for electrical transmission on high voltage power lines, and the BPL system (Broadband Power Line) for electrical distribution on medium and low voltage power lines.
The PLC power line is the safest and best sized system when only low volumes of data have to be transmitted over long distances. A PLC channel can also be used for the telecontrol, as a back-up system to increase the availability of strategic digital channels.

The BPL power line is the best system for the distribution of high volumes of data on medium and low voltage power lines, contributing to the implementation of communication systems and services.