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pursuant to Section 13 of the Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003 (the "Privacy Code")

Tesmec S.p.A. ("Tesmec") manages and publishes the internet website www.tesmec.com, thus processing and storing all the data collected through such website. Tesmec has drafted this rules concerning the protection of personal data (“Privacy Policy”), in order to inform you on the terms and on the purposes of the collection, use and communication of the personal information that may concern you, as collected through the website of Tesmec.

We kindly ask you to read carefully this Privacy Policy, which may be amended by Tesmec from time to time. You will be able to know possible amendments to the Privacy Policy at the link "Privacy" which will be shown at the bottom of the home pate of the internet website.

- The data controller pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Code is:

Tesmec S.p.A., with registered office in Piazza S. Ambrogio n. 16, Milan, registered with the Companies' Register of Milan at the number 10227100152 and at n. 1360673 R.E.A.

It will be possible for you to visit the internet website www.tesmec.com without having to provide any personal data to Tesmec.

However, you will be asked to provide certain personal data in order to be able to have access to certain further services provided through our web site - as, in particular, your name, surname, address, telephone number and email address - in the event you will ask to receive certain information from Tesmec referring to [its products and the technical documents related thereto]. The communication to Tesmec of such personal data shall be considered necessary in order to allow Tesmec to comply with your requests.

Personal data will be collected and processed in compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Code according to which, amongst other, such data shall be (i) processed lawfully and fairly; (ii) collected and recorded for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes; (iii) accurate and, when necessary, kept up to date; and (iv) relevant, complete and not excessive in relation to the purposes of the processing operations.

Please be advised that Tesmec will process your personal data by electronic means or through the use of manual paper filing systems so to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal data in full compliance with the security and confidentiality measures set forth under applicable Italian and European laws.

Please be informed that, pursuant to the provisions of Section 7 of the Privacy Code, you may ask Tesmec to rectify, update or delete the personal data provided, with reference to which you have authorized the storage by Tesmec, contacting us at the e-mail address info@tesmec.com, the telephone number 0039-0354232911, or writing to us at the address TESMEC S.p.A.
Via Zanica, 17/O - 24050 Grassobbio, Bergamo, ITALY.

In particular, pursuant to the provisions of Section 7 of the Privacy Code, you will be entitled to exercise your rights, with an aim, inter alia, to:
  • have knowledge of possible processing of your personal data;
  • have knowledge of the purposes, the terms of the processing, the logic applied to the processing through the use of electronic means;
  • obtain the erasure, the blocking, the updating, the rectification, the integration, the anonymization, or the modification of your personal data, and to oppose to the processing of such data.
If necessary, you will provide to Tesmec all the updates or modifications concerning the information referring to you, including updated information on your personal and/or e-mail address, in order to allow us to comply with your requests, concerning the services offered through our website, at the correct address, and to contact you if needed.

Using the internet website www.tesmec.com and granting your consent thereto, you hereby accept and authorize the collection and use of your personal data from Tesmec, and their possible communication to other companies of the same group of Tesmec, pursuant to the terms of processing and for the purposes indicated in this information notice.

Having acknowledged the terms of the information notice provided to me pursuant to the provisions of Section 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, I hereby grant my consent, pursuant to the provisions of Section 23 thereto, to the processing of my personal data, pursuant to the terms of processing and for the purposes indicated in the information notice.


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