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Tesmec Service S.r.l.

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Tesmec Service S.r.l., part of the Tesmec Group, is engaged in designing and producing railway and special vehicle equipment for railway lines operations.

The company is able to offer cutting-edge technologies and advanced systems for the electrification and maintenance of railway networks.

Tesmec Service S.r.l. is headquartered in Grassobbio (Bergamo), while the designing and manufacturing facilities of the railway rolling stocks are in Monopoli (Bari).

The company develops innovative solutions in the railway field and it is depository of patents for the management of railway vehicles and of catenary maintenance devices.

Registrated and Operative office: 
Telephone: +39.035.4232911
Fax: +39.035.4522444
Address: via Zanica, 17/O - 24050 Grassobbio, Bergamo, ITALY
Operative office: 
Telephone: +39.080.9374002
Fax: +39.080.4176639
Subsidiary Company
Via Fogazzaro NC
C.da Baione, Industrial area
70043 Monopoli BA