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Smart Grid Application

Protection relays

  • A3 Relays
    T-MPR is a protection and control panel for Unified Primary Substation both in isolated neutral system and Petersen coil grounding. The device is composed of a modular HW and SW architecture that can be configured to implement primary functions of protection, control and measurement. In a single device, we can integrate various protection models that before were separately performed by different panels.

    T-MPR is characterized by cutting-edge communication technologies, that includes, among others, IEC61850 protocol in a process and substation level.


    A2 Protection Relays
    Protection and monitoring relays for HV/MV substations and MV lines, compliant to Enel specification.

    • MV line protection and control relay
    • MV translation protection and control relay
    • MV bar cuts-out protection and control relay
    • MV power factor correction protection and control relay
    • Substation alerts command control relay
    • HV lines protection relay
    • HV transformer protection and control relay
    • MV neutral forming transformer protection and control relay
    • MV transformer protection and control relay
    • HV/MV transformer voltage regulation relay
    • HV lines control relay
    • HV/MV primary substation neutral management relay


    DPL-M01 - CEI 0-16 Relay
    To achieve an higher level of power quality and energy efficiency, every customer that asks to be connected to the lines, both in HV and in MV, has to be compliant to a standard.

    DPL-M01, implementing overcurrent and TCS protections, makes you suitable to be connected to the grid in a proper and efficient way.

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