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Remote Control

Remote Terminal Unit

  • Innovative device that acts as unique interface between protection/control/monitoring system and the control centers
    The design of BRTU-2000 has been focused on flexibility, therefore this device can adapt different kind of industries, from the small private system to the biggest network of power plants.

    That’s why RTU are very popular not only in high voltage substations, but also in the oil, gas and water utilities and in the control of railways and subways. BRTU-2000 can be easily used in these scenarios thanks to its high degree of redundancy and availability.

    BRTU-2000 key features:

    • Thanks to the careful design it's very easy to integrate new features, software and even hardware to meet every customer special need
    • Each peripheral board of the BRTU-2000 integrates a powerful processor. The main board was designed with an extremely powerful multi-processor architecture
    • Monitoring and debugging the system configuration is very easy with the HMI accessible via webserver or directly from the configuration tool


    Compliant to:

    BRTU-2000 supports not only the most modern protocol (like IEC-61850) but also a large number of older protocol (IEC60870, Modbus, etc) to ensure the capability to interface all legacy devices with no effort and a very reduced investment

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