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Stringing Equipment conductors cables


Tesmec is world leader in designing, manufacturing and supplying machines and accessories for stringing operations, and equipment for the construction and maintenance of infrastructures for energy transport and distribution.
Tesmec stringing equipment is made using state of the art technology and top-quality components, in order to guarantee the best stringing performance.

Tesmec stringing machines, accessories and specific tools are suitable for:

- High, Extra and Ultra high voltage overhead transmission lines
- Medium voltage distribution lines
- Fiber optic lines (OPGW)
- Underground cables

Today we are proud to present Stringing Machines 4.0, a new machine range Simple, Safe, Reliable.

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Tesmec products are used in different fields of application linked to power lines, thanks to advanced equipment.

A complete range of products for the installation of any power lines conductors and fiber optic cables, as OPGW.