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Energy Automation

Smart Transmission and Substation Automation Technology operations have become a challenging task in the context of rapid expansion of transmission networks and their increasing complexity. As a result, power systems are becoming increasingly dependent on complex control techniques to ensure efficiency, security and reliability. One major technological innovation introduced for intelligently managing grid operations is decentralized intelligence and substation automation, which allows continuous monitoring, data analysis and local processing; it also controls various substation components from a remote location and enables users to reduce operational costs by reducing the manning needs of substations.

Tesmec confirms the growth in the sector of the technologies of power grids and presents the portfolio of solutions for different voltage classes (high, medium and low) to face the new technological challenges related to renewable energy sources and distributed generation. The combination of excellence in the development of sensors and of electronic devices expands Tesmec range of integrated systems in order to manage, in an efficient and sustainable way, the needs of a market characterized by the increase of energy consumption.



Il Gruppo Tesmec, attraverso la controllata Tesmec Automation, conferma la propria posizione come fornitore di riferimento di tecnologie per la rete elettrica presentando un portafoglio prodotti per tutte le classi di tensione e offrendo soluzioni alle crescenti necessità derivanti dalla diffusione delle risorse rinnovabili e dalla generazione distribuita.


Tesmec's smart grid solutions are specially designed to meet the increasing global demand for electricity by providing sufficient capacity, as well as reliability, efficiency and sutainability.

In Tesmec Automation non siamo esclusivamente fornitori di singoli prodotti, ma siamo in grado di sviluppare soluzioni integrate completamente basate sui bisogni dei nostri clienti.