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The importance of having Genuine Tesmec Spare Parts on hand

Andrea Ursella, Spare Parts Manager for Tesmec Trenchers, talks about the main innovations that are going to be introduced into the market.


Andrea, how the Spare Parts Department is organized?

In the last years, Tesmec Group kept expanding all over the world, both through next subsidiaries and Representative Offices; this expansion brought with it a need of change for the Spare Parts management, offering the possibility to have local organizations closer to customers and worksites.


What is the main challenge the Spare Parts Department is facing?Increase Efficiency, SAve Money

The main challenge is represented by downtime reduction for the replacement of consumables, Our Customers expect to receive, year after year, important news and encouraging data. This is our mission: we want our customers to always have their equipment 100% efficient.

How does Tesmec want to avoid downtimes?

We are able to offer complete endowments of parts that can be required for an unexpected event that could lead to dramatic consequences if not properly foreseen.Tesmec ZEROdowntime Kit is our proposal to prevent long and costly downtimes on jobsites: it not just consists of big containers, as for big worksites, it can also be an agile and well-designed assortment of parts to be kept on the service truck. With a Tesmec ZEROdowntime Kit every Tesmec trencher can work at its best without concerns: everything you might need, it’s just there with you.


Is this service available worldwide?Tesmec in the world

Tesmec Spare Parts departments, in Italy, USA, France, South Africa and Australia can assist customers in the design of proper assortments. It is important to understand the real needs of the customer and to design the most fitting solution for the job that the machine is going to face.


A few words about Inter.Parts, Tesmec Spare Parts interactive portal

Inter.Parts is the web portal where the customer can surf into the interactive machine catalogues. The system is directly connected with Tesmec headquarter, where we manage the customer requests. Thanks to important improvements put in place, it will be very soon possible to see the availability of parts, so the process of spare parts request will be even more accelerated.


Download the new TesmecNext here