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The new ERP is loading! After Tesmec SPA, RAIL, USA and AUTOMATION, now it is GROUPE MARAIS turn. Temporary stand-by mode for some MARAIS warehouses activities.

Tesmec Group is now facing another step of its digitalization enhancement journey with the French subsidiary Marais Group switching to the new ERP. Tesmec strongly believes in continuous innovation and it is committed to guarantee the best quality services to all its stakeholders. To us, according to Industry 4.0 developments, the new ERP implementation means a big and challenging renewal project aimed at ensuring significant digital improvements to all Company activities. Therefore, we are proud to announce you that the Groupe Marais brand new ERP will go-live in July 2022.

Due to this renewal, in order to minimize any possible trouble to our customers and suppliers, we scheduled some Groupe Marais warehouses activities (in Durtal, Carcassonne and Lyon) to enter a stand-by mode period to be ready to support the new ERP loading.

With the exception of emergencies, the following activities will be affected by the stand-by mode phase:

tesmec automation warehouse calendar
  • No supply delivery from 27th June 2022 up to 6th July 2022
  • No Marais Groupe goods from 27th June 2022 up to 6th June 2022


For further inquiries or suggestions, we recommend you getting in touch with your Tesmec reference person or to contact us via web form. We will be happy to give you all the explanations you may need.