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Super compact self-propelled wagon designed to better perform operations of catenary installation and maintenance in limited and restricted working areas as:

  • tunnels
  • stations
  • urbanized centers


The APLA100 line has two different traction systems that can be customized with the most suitable configuration according to clients' need.


Electric version with batteries & full-electric traction system


Diesel engine & alternator that powers an electric motor


Working operations especially in limited areas as tunnels, urban centers and stations

Zero emission of CO2 (APLA100-e)

Low noise emission

Truck transportation (road gauge)

Authorization to circulation as “hauled wagon”

Reduced fleet asset and staff, reduction of working times, reduced fuel consumption

Technical Features

  • APLA100-e, this rolling stock is equipped with crane and platform. The crane can work as wire positioner, thanks to the roller conveyor equipped as attachment.
  • APLA100-de, this rolling stock is equipped with derrick and platform. The derrick ensures a fast and accurate position of the catenary increasing work speed and the performance of vehicles during working operations.
  • APLA100-e and APLA100-de are designed according to the Standard EN14033.
  • APLA100-e: electric version with batteries and full-electric traction system. The battery-powered electric drive allows movement in work mode up to a speed of 9 km/h, with zero environmental impact in terms of exhaust emissions and noise. The vehicle is equipped with a genset to allow the traction Diesel-electric in case of backup/emergency situations.
  • APLA100-de with Diesel engine and alternator that powers an electric motor. The traction system allows movement in work mode up to a speed of 9 km/h.

Main features

Track gauge 1.435 mm
Max length (between headstocks) 9.000 mm
Max width (between assembled ladders) 2.860 mm
Max width (between disassembled ladders for truck transport) 2.500 mm
Total length (buffers included) 10.240 mm
Wheelbase 6.000 mm
Max height 4.000 mm
Max weight per axle 16 tons
Max speed in work mode 9 km/h
Traction system APLA100-e Electric
Traction system APLA100-de Diesel electric

Working platform features

Max height from T.O.R. 7.000 mm
Platform lateral displacement +/- 800 mm
Platform rotation +/- 90°
Max load (n°3 operators + tools) 540 kg
Max lateral displacement (from vehicle axle) 3.210 mm

Crane Features: APLA100-e

Max hook heigh from T.O.R. (@+4m from vehicle axle) +14 m
Max horizontal outreach (hook from vehicle axle –capacity: 350 kg +11.4 m

Derrick Features: APLA100-de

Max heigh (from T.O.R. to roller head) 7.000 mm
Transversal displacement roller +700/-400 mm
Derrick rotation +90°