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New Railway Hub Great Opening - October 26th

Tesmec S.p.A. is proud to announce the start of the new production plant in Monopoli (Bari).

This innovative facility, with an overall covered surface of 5.800 m2, will be dedicated to engineering, prototyping and manufacturing several special railway vehicles: railway wagons for the catenary installation and maintenance, multipurpose units, shunting locomotives and power units for passenger trains.

The whole manufacturing cycle will observe the highest Standards in terms of energy saving and environmental protection. Top-level efficiency, automation and high-tech production process are the key for a significant production capacity increase.

The estimated investment for the new facility will be approximately 8 million euro; moreover, also R&D and prototyping investments in the railway industry are expected. Both the investments are supported through contributions from the Program Agreements of Regione Puglia.

Lunedì, 5 Novembre 2018