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Grassobbio (Bergamo), 20 February 2023 – The Tesmec Group, a leading company in the market of technologies dedicated to infrastructure (overhead, underground and railway networks) for transport of electricity, data and materials (oil and derivatives, gas and water), as well as technologies for quarrying and surface mining, participated in the 23rd Investing in African Mining Indaba, the most relevant event in the mining sector, from 06 to 09 February 2023, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Investing in African Mining Indaba aims to stimulate change and drive investment in Africa. The company, a long time attendee and sponsor of this event, took the opportunity to meet with the mining community, and introduce its strategy, focused on automation and digitalization. The company intends to consolidate its position as a “solution provider” in the business areas in which it operates, thanks to trends of energy transition and sustainability.

Tesmec Group’s focus and experience in the mining sector has led to tireless improvements to its line of dedicated surface miners (also known as Rock Hawgs), in line with the company's approach to sustainability and vehicle automation. Tesmec surface miners provide a range of benefits, such as lower CAPEX (capital expenditures) and OPEX (operational expenditures), the possibility of dedicated financial packages, and local 24-hour maintenance service. On the technical side, the Rock Hawg line of surface miners can help stakeholders achieve better production than other techniques thanks to the elimination of primary crushing, capability of digging in hard rock, capability of digging vertical walls, higher maneuverability, the ability to respond to site specific requirements, and better environmental footprint. Compared to other traditional methods, the Tesmec Rock Hawg product line not only allows mining selection without a mix of material from different layers, but also increases output of the secondary crushers.

As part of its mining innovations presented at Investing in African Mining Indaba, the company introduced the concept of "Smart Mining": a development and integration of the range of digital machine control and management solutions. The Smart Mining approach aims to provide a reliable and consolidated solution for the mining process through technologies such as teleoperation and autonomous vehicles. Thanks to these developments, the Rock Hawg line of surface miners can be controlled from a remote room, with additional benefits in terms of costs reduction, productivity maximization, machine onboard diagnostics, and increased personnel safety.

One of the company’s most advanced technological features consists of the TrenchTronic: an electronic control system with modern and digital HMI aimed at improving the ease of use, increasing productivity, and making it less dependent on operator skills. TrenchTronic, now at its fifth version (5.0), also enables advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting on all Tesmec Trencher and Surface Miners.

TrenchIntel, another breakthrough technological feature, is a GNSS automatic guidance system capable of automatically maintaining and controlling the required depth, slope, speed, and direction of travel. The integration between TrenchIntel and TrenchTronic 5.0 allows for fully automated operation, enhancing machine performance and job quality, while reducing operator fatigue.

The Re.M (Remote Monitoring system) monitors machine health, performance, and other KPIs for optimal excavation results. It provides information on operation, predictive maintenance, troubleshooting, optimization of maintenance operations, and high service efficiency. Last, but not least, the TRC radio control system allows the operator to control the machine remotely, replicating most of the functions and information available in the cab.

The “smart-digging” concept is not limited to the mining sector but is something much bigger and more inclusive. This is a goal that Tesmec Group is pursuing with commitment and determination and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Just like previous years, the Investing in African Mining Indaba, proved to be a highly successful and enriching event. The Tesmec Group would like to thank its team members and attendee who participated to this conference.