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Trenchers and Surface Miners Key Drivers

Innovation plays a main role in boosting digging productivity and worksite efficiency of Tesmec trenching and surface

Easy pipe tracking for Tesmec GPR EXPLORER 2.0
  • Highest accuracy
  • Increased safety
  • No needs of
Road construction & re-enforced concrete removal with Tesmec surface miner 1150 RH

A successful experience of using a Tesmec Surface Miner 1150 RH for road concrete removal

Energy Automation Key Drivers

Tesmec Energy Automation business development and offer is focused on distinguishing factors and key drivers:

Railway Key Drivers

What makes Tesmec Rail solutions so much technologically advanced are the key drivers that inspire the research of cu

Automatic Train Control System (SCMT/SSC)-Baseline 3
  • Fast & Safe high mobility on active line
  • Movement in composition
Full electric machine: a solution for tomorrow

Tesmec, the market leader in stringing solutions is proud to introduce on the market a revolutionary machine for unde

Stringing Key Drivers

Tesmec has always been recognized worldwide as the pioneer of stringing solutions.

Re.M for Trenchers and Surface Miners

Re.M provides operating, maintenance and troubleshooting information to improve each machine’s performance.

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