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Human Resources

Human Resources

With you the future is already here

Travel the world with us, giving ENERGY to transformation.

At Tesmec, you will challenge yourself with new technological solutions and work on exciting international projects with colleagues who are capable of passing on their knowledge and skills.

Our energy is contagious, and the company’s enthusiasm will surprise you. Bring your passion for innovation to our team and quickly grow with us to fully express your potential.


Join us!

Race ahead with speed

Determination, flexibility, and resilience help us face changes and find solutions that can improve and achieve more ambitious goals daily, based on the behaviour summarised in the SPEED acronym:


  • Safety and ethics: highest safety standards and respect for diversity
  • Performance: determination in pursuing objectives
  • Empowerment: continuous improvement to achieve challenging goals
  • Enthusiasm: an opportunity to work with passion and initiative
  • aDaptability: flexibility and ability to cope with change

Our values

Respect for people and honesty are cornerstones of our corporate culture and make us feel part of a group.

We want to continue along this path by committing ourselves to have the least possible environmental impact, give space to all the nuances of diversity and uphold our values:


  • Sense of belonging- walking together towards common goals.
  • Honesty - acting with transparency and consistency towards customers, colleagues and suppliers.
  • Team spirit - strengthen cooperation, with understanding and cohesion in choices and actions.
  • Responsibility - managing work with awareness, respect and independence.


Join us!