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Meet a Speeder

Tesmec invested trust and training in a team of enthusiastic young employees who embodies all SPEED values becoming change facilitators. Each SPEEDER acts with proactive leadership, enhancing internal resources, collaboration and teamwork, promoting digital and cultural transformation, spreading a positive and change approach.

The advanced training course, including various modules to deepen business processes and improve soft skills, has been organized in collaboration with Università degli Studi di Bergamo.
Read the interviews below and you’ll get to know some SPEEDERS!


Innovation Funding Specialist

Having shared a path with other colleagues put me in front of other ways to approach and see the same event. Being a Speeder means trying to read situations and events from other points of view. Tackling operations and problems with this awareness helps to define solutions outside the established schemes in the Company and to create a shared working method.

When I started this path, I was not a part of Tesmec for a long time. I was very curious both about the contents of the training course and to understand how other offices work.

I think it has changed in the little things. I always try to establish a constructive dialogue with other offices and colleagues both to learn new things and to create a working method or shared solutions that can be effective and efficient for everyone.

The training itself, although related in some way to my basic training, had modules that had an interesting focus in specific areas. However, I believe that the real constructive experience was having a space to meet colleagues and talk about work outside the hectic everyday life.

Enthusiasm. I believe that passion and initiative are the basis of everything. They are good daily companions that allow you to pursue the other Speed values as well.

In reality, I have never dwelt much on this aspect. I've always just thought: "I like my job". I believe that the aspect that makes it most interesting is the possibility of dealing with and knowing the operations of all the company departments.

I would recommend being curious and proactive; broaden your personal vision and knowledge. To seek confrontation and to listen helps to reflect on one's way of working. To question oneself is essential in order to take a step forward compared to what was done yesterday.
I would also say that it is often difficult to do all of this due to hectic daily life, but it is essential to constantly improve.