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One of Tesmec's primary objectives is to constantly improve the quality of its products and services in order to guarantee the greatest satisfaction of its customers. The Quality Policy has been designed to maximize delivered and perceived quality, basing on a shared set of values:

  • Teamwork and continuous improvement to achieve results, asking everybody to contribute with his own personal skills.
  • Transparency and correctness as the basis of every relationship inside and outside the company, in order to guarantee a long lasting and profitable success.

Health And Safety

Safeguard of the health and safety for every member of staff and for the environmental heritage is a success factor of equal rank with the high quality of the products manufactured and the services provided. To this extent, Tesmec is committed to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Suppliers and contractors are involved in this process, sharing the principles of our view on health and safety in order to facilitate the improvement.


Environment protection is the main challenge that a global company must win, in order to guarantee a clean and healthy future for our planet and new generations. Tesmec is actively working to reduce the environmental impact of its products, by enhancing technologies finalised on emissions and consumption reduction. At the same time, every activity in our plants is devoted to waste reduction, recycling, energy saving and consumption optimisation, creating a caring culture to be shared with every stakeholder.

QHSSE Policy

Tesmec S.p.A.


HSE Policy

Tesmec Automation s.r.l.


HSE Policy

Tesmec Rail s.r.l.



Digitalization is raising more and more importance in today’s economic scenario. The main digital trends include the pervasive connectivity, the key role of IoT, the extended supply chains, the information abundance resulting in emergence of big data management issue. Innovation and digitalization lie at the heart of Tesmec Group strategy. The development of a digital strategy includes the digitalization of products and services, as well as the information around them. The innovation-driven culture of Tesmec extends beyond company boundaries to global supply chains and dynamic environment. Tesmec R&D investments are focused on digitalization for the predictive maintenance, data management for the highest safety standards and diagnostic of infrastructure. As a result, there is a “digital transformation” in all business segments of the Group. The implementation of certified solutions in the field of smart grids and cybersecurity, the development of digital platforms, innovative systems for underground utilities mapping are only few of the innovation in the pipeline.

Human Rights

Tesmec strongly believes that preventing violations and strengthening protection of human rights, especially in the workplace, is an indispensable prerogative to undertake any economic and commercial relationship. Respect for human rights is considered a key element in pursuing sustainable development. Tesmec protects the recognition and safeguarding of dignity, freedom and equality, the protection of work and trade union freedoms, health, safety, the environment, and biodiversity, as well as the circular and efficient use of resources and sustainable development. With the aim of supporting and promoting respect for inviolable human rights, Tesmec is committed to guaranteeing professional relations with all its stakeholders based on the respect of the fundamental guarantees recognized to all human beings by national and supranational laws.


  Download Tesmec Human Rights Policy

Supply Chain

Tesmec Group considers sustainability an asset of strategic importance and is constantly committed to promoting more sustainable development. In this context, the Group promotes the sharing and the respect of the principles of sustainable action along the entire supply chain, as it believes in the synergy between doing business, respect for the environment and social responsibility. Working with partners who demonstrate commitment and conviction in undertaking a path of sustainable development allows the achievement of one of the most strategic business target: to have a responsible supply chain, built on stable and lasting relationships based on respect, transparency and integrity.


  Download Tesmec Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Sustainable website

The internet helps make our lives easier and more sustainable by shortening distances and times, but every action on the web consumes energy and produces CO2. Tesmec cares about the planet and is attentive to its environmental impact in every aspect of its business, adopting an approach that is as aware and sustainable as possible.

The datacenters of this website are highly energy efficient, powered by 100% renewable energy with a guarantee of origin recognized at European level (GO) and ISO 50001 certified (Energy Management System). By choosing 100% Green Energy for its presence on the internet, Tesmec is committed to reducing the environmental impact and concretely contributes to the preservation of our planet.