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Meet a Speeder

Tesmec invested trust and training in a team of enthusiastic young employees who embodies all SPEED values becoming change facilitators. Each SPEEDER acts with proactive leadership, enhancing internal resources, collaboration and teamwork, promoting digital and cultural transformation, spreading a positive and change approach.

The advanced training course, including various modules to deepen business processes and improve soft skills, has been organized in collaboration with Università degli Studi di Bergamo.
Read the interviews below and you’ll get to know some SPEEDERS!


Innovation Funding Specialist

Having shared a path with other colleagues put me in front of other ways to approach and see the same event. Being a Speeder means trying to read situations and events from other points of view. Tackling operations and problems with this awareness helps to define solutions outside the established schemes in the Company and to create a shared working method.

When I started this path, I was not a part of Tesmec for a long time. I was very curious both about the contents of the training course and to understand how other offices work.

I think it has changed in the little things. I always try to establish a constructive dialogue with other offices and colleagues both to learn new things and to create a working method or shared solutions that can be effective and efficient for everyone.

The training itself, although related in some way to my basic training, had modules that had an interesting focus in specific areas. However, I believe that the real constructive experience was having a space to meet colleagues and talk about work outside the hectic everyday life.

Enthusiasm. I believe that passion and initiative are the basis of everything. They are good daily companions that allow you to pursue the other Speed values as well.

In reality, I have never dwelt much on this aspect. I've always just thought: "I like my job". I believe that the aspect that makes it most interesting is the possibility of dealing with and knowing the operations of all the company departments.

I would recommend being curious and proactive; broaden your personal vision and knowledge. To seek confrontation and to listen helps to reflect on one's way of working. To question oneself is essential in order to take a step forward compared to what was done yesterday.
I would also say that it is often difficult to do all of this due to hectic daily life, but it is essential to constantly improve.


Field Service Technician - Trencher & Surface Miners Division

I was aware that I would have the opportunity to compare myself with various colleagues, belong to different realities and companies of the Tesmec group from which I could learn, and grow both personally and professionally.

The contact and comparison with these new realities helped me to set up the daily work activity with a look towards the possible needs and requirements of entities outside the office allowing me to complete our tasks.

My way of dealing with a problem or reaching a goal is now based on multidirectional thoughts, and not one-way as before. This allows me to be much more adaptive to the various situations we face. For the level of mutability of the situations we face today, I consider this to be a great enrichment.

In this continuous race, I think it is very important to know how to improve and continuously reach challenging goals (Empowerment).

Every day is never like the previous one. The work challenges that arise gradually are often different or, in any case, have their own peculiarities, both of a technical nature and of dialogue with local staff. All this means that every day I can learn something new.

During the after-sales product support training we had to do an exercise based on real situations in the Company. Confident of my abilities within my competence and my knowledge of the customer, I thought I had faced the challenge in the best way when in fact it was just the opposite. I was unable to present economic and competitive solutions. This taught me to think differently and to look at the overall aspects that make up a specific situation.

I recommend setting fixed starting points to define how they are proposed, setting goals to be achieved in the short, medium and long term, and being as flexible as possible to achieve the various objectives; Adapting to get the best out of situations and not being compliant.


Marketing Specialist Railway Division

Being a Speeder means being part of a group of people who are advocates of change. Having been selected by the company, a Speeder helps the company face a process of transformation and change that will have to project us into the increasingly digital future. Important qualities of a Speeder are our motivation, interest, and curiosity for the success of the business objective.

I felt pleased because the company recognized my potential and gave me the opportunity to develop my skills to contribute to change and prepare me for a future of responsibility.

Being a Speeder has allowed me to acquire greater operational autonomy and a sense of responsibility. I think it helped me bond with other colleagues to be able to work as a team and give each other suggestions.

I have gained greater awareness of skills, Improvement, enhancement of flexibility, and sharing with colleagues.

I identify myself most with adaptability and enthusiasm. My adaptability is due to my flexibility and ability to cope with changes. Enthusiasm is due to the opportunity to work with passion and a spirit of initiative.

What I like most is learning something every day and sharing information within work groups for better achievement of objectives. The diversity of the projects I face “directing” in general is an activity that I like, to express it with a metaphor, “connecting the dots”.

I recommend being curious and flexible. Becoming a multitasker and having a sense of curiosity enhance a resource. In addition to hard skills, also develop soft skills that become central in the world of work. This allows adaptation to the business environment and often offers essential contribute to the achievement of objectives.


Process Improvement Engineer – Sirone Plant

Being a Speeder means being an active part of the process of corporate transformation, being a proactive accelerator of change, and sharing information, technologies and experiences. Today more than ever it means being ready and open to continuous changes, to transform a period of uncertainty into opportunity, and proposing virtuous and circular stimuli.

Being chosen for this path was undoubtedly very satisfying and rewarding. The predominant emotion I felt was a sort of moral obligation to get involved in the service of the "company group" and colleagues.

Having had the opportunity to be part of this group gave me the opportunity to meet many colleagues with whom I had never had any kind of working relationship. This allowed me to be able to open my vision even more on workflows different from mine and become aware of different dynamics from my daily business.

From my point of view, I think I can summarize this path in two words: knowledge and sharing. The first enhancement was thanks to the many training meetings with cross-cutting and stimulating themes. The second was attributed to the sharing between colleagues, circulating information and experiences of others.

I believe that the two "E’s" are strongly linked to each other. Only with enthusiasm and passion for what you do (Enthusiam) can you achieve ambitious goals with constant research and propensity for continuous improvement (Empowerment).

One of the most beautiful and fulfilling sides of my work is having a very strong and daily contact with the workshop and the related production cycles. The comparison and exchange with the workshop staff, the possibility of closely following all the phases of the development of a product, the experience given by the multiple technologies and production processes, and having to face the different products of the Tesmec business with different approaches is what makes my job stimulating and rewarding every day!

More than a particular anecdote, I remember with great pleasure the many group moments and sharing among all the colleagues. After a few meetings, a positive harmony was created which made the training experience even more stimulating.

The advice I would like to give to young people is to face each experience with the desire to learn, know and understand and be able to incorporate the experience of others while not being afraid to propose different points of view.


Sales Area Manager - Trencher Division

Being a Speeder for me means being able to reach levels of confidence and flexibility that allow me to quickly overcome the issues.

I have acquired a greater awareness of the fact that if you are not flexible and innovative enough in thinking, you run the real risk of not keeping up with the times.

I am fascinated by being able to be at the center of the Company-external world vortex, which makes it necessary to know the market conditions and find solutions internally.

I recommend being broad-minded and to not dwell on an assumed role.


R&D Coordinator - Stringing Division

Being a Speeder means being accelerators of change

I thought I might have the opportunity to learn something new.

It gave me the opportunity to spend time in a "different" way with colleagues from other offices and with whom I don't have the opportunity to work. It was an opportunity to get together and learn something about the work of others. It was important to discuss common and non-common problems.

Empowerment: continuous improvement to achieve challenging goals

I like being able to follow the genesis of a project, from the first stages of definition, through the design to the assembly and commissioning of the machine. I have the chance to see my project take life and shape.

I remember with pleasure the atmosphere of "classmates" with colleagues from other departments or offices.

My suggestion is to give it a try, to be curious about everything, hungry for questions and answers. We must never stop learning and growing.

The advice I would like to give to young people is to face each experience with the desire to learn, know and understand and be able to incorporate the experience of others while not being afraid to propose different points of view.