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Boarding ticket for a demo of the new hybrid diagnostic vehicle

Tesmec Rail has a diagnostic vehicle model OCPD002-e available for demos

The diagnostic vehicle model OCPD002-e can be discovered and tested in our premise in Monopoli (BA).

Tesmec Rail diagnostic solutions can provide a more reliable and safer diagnostic of the rail infrastructures allowing the acquisition of higher accuracy data for the measurement of the characteristic parameters of the railway catenary and superstructure and allowing a defects online calculation, through the use of Deep Learning Algorithms developed ad hoc. 

It’s a unique opportunity for you because:

  • you can board on our diagnostic vehicle
  • you can see its diagnostic systems in action
  • you can have a seat in the monitoring room


In addition, this model it's a hybrid solution: hydraulic transmission (hydrostatic) and electric transmission with batteries.​

Contact us for more info and to reserve your slot.