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About Us


Tesmec designs, manufactures and sells products, technologies and integrated solutions for the construction, maintenance and efficiency of infrastructures related to the transport and distribution of energy, data and material (oil and derivatives, gas, water).

In detail, the product portfolio consists of rock trenching equipment, surface miners, stringing equipment, railway equipment and electronic devices for smart grid management.


In detail, the product portfolio consists of rock trenching equipment, surface miners, stringing equipment, railway equipment and electronic devices for smart grid management.


Tesmec Group mission is to operate in the market of infrastructure for the transport of energy, data and material. These are strategic markets for the growth and modernization of every country in the world.

Tesmec pursues a "Glocal" growth strategy: we are global, but at the same time we have a local presence in the most strategic areas of the world, in order to meet the market's needs in the best way.

Modern societies, as well as the emerging ones, face future challenges to invest in energy and telecommunications sectors.

New technologies can fill the infrastructural gaps existing between countries; these will improve the efficiency and the needs for future generations. The need to rationalize energy costs and to improve the transmission speed of information, makes the global investments in energy and telecommunication sectors necessary for the global growth. This is the reason why Tesmec mission contemplates higher investments in technologies for efficiency and management of grids. In its development strategy, Tesmec intends to consolidate the position of solution provider in the three business areas, exploiting the trends of the energy transition, digitalization and sustainability.


Today, Tesmec is an innovative company, motivated by the desire to grow. The globalization process and the technological progress push us more and more towards a strategy based on innovation, internationalization and integration. We look at technological challenges presented by the markets more as opportunities than as threats. Innovation is the key factor that allowed Tesmec to become what it is today. Our mission is to provide solutions to drive growth and modernization of every Country. We are proud to be leader in the supply of integrated solutions for Energy and Data Transport. Construction, maintenance and management are our core business. Markets recognize us as technology leaders thanks to the high quality and reliability of our products and the advanced solutions of our technologies. We pursue a "Glocal" growth strategy: we are global, but at the same time we have a local presence in the strategic areas of the world in order to reach out, identify, and meet market needs in the best way. Differences in national culture and competences are reflected in business decisions. Operating in ways that are congruent with a country's cultural contexts can improve business performance. This is the reason why we have chosen a business model focused on integration between key players. Our goal is to create a high performance environment, which supports the implementation of our business strategy. All this will be possible with the collaboration of our people - employees, customers, and partners.

The "5xS" Strategy

Tesmec Corporate key drivers are “The 5S”:

  • Systems: the value of integrated technological solutions to answer specific needs in an innovative way
  • Solutions: the integration of advanced products and professional services to answer any kind of needs
  • Services: the added value of our experienced staff to guarantee maximum performance and accompany the customer with unique expertise and know-how
  • Safety: innovative solutions for environment and human health care, clean and fast solutions for no-injuries jobsites
  • Sustainability: the commitment in projects and concrete actions for a sustainable development



Acquisition of 4 Service S.r.l., a company operating in the trencher rental business.


Opening of the new production site in Monopoli (Bari - Italy), which is the headquarters of the subsidiary Tesmec Rail S.r.l. and have the objective of further enhancing the Group's activity in the rail business. Development of hi-technological products in order to face 2020’s challenges.


Tesmec presents Tesmec Automation S.r.l., its subsidiary operating in the sector of the technologies of power grids and offering a portfolio of solutions for different voltage classes, aimed to face the new technological challenges related to renewable energy sources and distributed generation


Award of RFI tender for the supply of 88 multipurpose railway vehicles for the maintenance of the Italian railway network, confirming the effectiveness of its strategy in the rail business


Signed the contract for the acquisition of the French company Marais Technologies SAS, at the head of an international group leader in rental services and construction of machines for infrastructures in telecommunications, electricity and gas.


Strengthening of rail business line through the subsidiary Tesmec USA. Establishment of Tesmec New Technology (Beijing) Ltd in China.


Expansion of services to improve efficiency and management of existing networks by signing an investment agreement in Bertel S.p.A. Investments in Start-ups operating in the diagnostic and maintenance of catenaries and leasing of the engineering and production departments of AMC2 S.r.l


Joint venture in Qatar and establishment of Tesmec Peninsula LLC. Tesmec SA (Pty) LTD saw first light in August in South Africa. Cooperation agreement with the Russian company OAO FSK EES. Establishment of OOO "Tesmec RUS". iLight becomes the new Division of Tesmec Service as System Designer & System Integrators in the Power Grids (T&D).


Tesmec enters in the Italian Stock Exchange Market (Borsa Italiana's STAR segment). New Representative Office in Beijing, China.


Establishment of Condux Tesmec Inc., in joint venture at 50%, located in Mankato (Minnesota) for the marketing of stringing system and solutions. New business unit of services related to stringing activities and trenchers through Tesmec Service S.p.A.


New Representative Office in Moscow, Russia.


Entry of 3T Finanziaria S.p.A., which acquires a 40% stake in Tesmec S.p.A. Acquisition of the business units of M.T.S. S.p.A, specialized in precision mechanical works in the manufacturing plant in Sirone (Lecco).


New expansion cycle for trenchers and stringing equipment in China, Russia, USA and Middle East.


Inauguration of two new manufacturing plants in Grassobbio (Bergamo, Italy), which manufactures stringing equipment and trenchers, and in Alvarado (Dallas - Texas, USA), which manufactures trenchers. Merger with Cantamessa S.p.A., company operating in the stringing equipment field, located in Endine Gaiano (Bergamo, Italy) and acquisition of 51% of Gallotti S.p.A. stake (manufacture of multipurpose machines)

The 90's

Expansion of the range of products and beginning of a new internationalization phase through commercial partnership. "CRF - Officina Meccanica di Precisione" changed its name into "Tesmec S.r.l." from the crasis of "TESatura MECcanica".


Establishment of Tesmec USA Inc., a company specialized in the field of the design and production of trenchers formerly located in Mansfield (Dallas - Texas, USA).


Focus on design and production of machinery and equipment for stringing high voltage electric lines. Acquisition of the Edison patent for the new tension stringing system.


Establishment of "CRF - (Officina Meccanica di Precisione) S.p.A." on Annibale Caccia Dominioni and Alfredo Brignoli initiative.