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Tesmec New Technology

Tesmec New Technology


Tesmec New Technology (Beijing) Ltd., established Sept. 30th, 2014, was set up as WOFE Wholly-Owned Foreign Entity of Tesmec S.p.A., with he objective to facilitate the market expansion in China through technology promotion, sales and service of all Tesmec product lines and integrated solutions.

Aimed to be a two-way bridge, Tesmec New Technology (Beijing) takes on the responsibility to introduce advanced European technologies into China and bring the advanced local experience back to headquarters at the same time.

Over the last few years, Tesmec has implemented successful applications of Tesmec technologies and products for different national key projects:

UHV (Ultra-High Voltage) power grid construction including 1000 kV Lines AC and 800 kV lines DC, High Speed Dedicated Passenger Railway Line for catenary (OHE) including the Beijing to Shanghai-line, and long distance oil & gas pipeline construction.

Mutually beneficial relationships have been established with world-leading Chinese corporations (e.g. SGCC State Grid Corporation of China, CSG China Southern Power Grid Company, CRCC China Railway Construction Corporation, CREC China Railway Engineering Corporation, CNPC China National Petroleum Corporation, CCCC China Communications Construction Company) and important subsidiaries such as CHEC China Harbor Engineering Company, Sinohydro and many others. Following the growth strategy "In China, For China", TESMEC New Technology (Beijing) will continue to expand the application of Tesmec technologies in urban construction & maintenance, smart grids, non-blasting surface mining, oil & gas pipelines, telecommunication networks, agriculture water conservation and other new market sectors. TESMEC New Technology (Beijing) represents Tesmec Group's strong aim to enforce the close connection between Tesmec Group and China, one of the fastest developing countries in the world.


  •   +86.10.82604186
  •  World Trade Plaza Gongsan Workers Stadium North Road No.13, Shimao Plaza F1, 805B Chaoyang District Beijing, 100027, China
  •  General Manager: Aymen Derbali
  • Business Development Manager (trencher & automation): Li, Jiawei (Leo) -
  • Business Development Manager (stringing & railway): Wang, Junfu (Ben) - 
  • Commercial & Marketing assistant: Jiang, Kexin(Katharine) -