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Canavese Project

Tesmec in action in the big Canavese Project!

Tesmec is actively involved in the ambitious new project opened in Canavese. Our machines are working tirelessly to complete one of the largest construction sites ever set up in the region. The project will include as many as 50 municipalities in Canavese, providing services to more than 180,000 families. A significant presence that demonstrates Tesmec's commitment to contributing to local infrastructure development.

The heart of the operation is the construction of a 150-km-long water pipeline with a state-of-the-art drinking water plant located in Locana. This innovative infrastructure will use water resources sustainably, ensuring the potability of water and minimizing environmental impact. It will also be compatible with energy production and will be able to meet farmers' water needs when necessary.

Tesmec is honored to be part of this epic adventure in Canavese, contributing to the progress and welfare of people. We will continue to work to ensure the success of this project.

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