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Celebrating our first 70 years

In the prestigious setting of the Carrara Academy, we celebrated our 70th anniversary, honoring inventions, men and ideas: a story of excellence that has made its way around the world, becoming the protagonist of the future.

The Carrara Academy of Bergamo represents a place of excellence for culture in Bergamo. An evocative setting that preserves the history of art of our land and hosts international masterpieces: a place to live an experience of celebrating the history of human enterprise, between technology and culture. In this context it was possible to admire the permanent collection and the exhibition "Rembrandt in a wonderful story", and to visit the traveling photographic exhibition that traces the salient stages of Tesmec's history, from pioneer of mechanical stringing to an International Group that is building its future on digitization and sustainability. On the same occasion, the round table "Tesmec between industrial tradition and digital innovability" was held, a dialogue on the comparison between business and territory, between tradition and innovation, the industrial past and the new model of sustainability as a driver of global development towards the digital transition. It was a moment of the highest level that allowed us to deepen and reflect on extremely topical and important issues such as the sustainable transition and the relationship between companies, the territory and the social sector. Here is the full version of the live stream.

The team spirit and enthusiasm that have always distinguished us are the factors that have allowed Tesmec to become what it is today. Thanks to those who work, research and innovate with us every day.