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Clean & Fast solutions for FTTx

The increasing use of fiber optics and new generation networks such as 5G in the telecom sector has boosted the development of new cable laying technologies with low environmental impact, reduced open-pit excavation, realization costs, and increased job site safety. Heavy vehicle traffic and construction sites in the middle of the roadway, sidewalks, or medians are inconvenient and have high socio-economic costs for local governments.

Tesmec has developed highly technologically trenching solutions capable of meeting all requirements regarding mini-trenching procedures.

Tesmec innovative "CLEAN & FAST" working methodologies, recognized by the most important international contractors, will have huge development opportunities thanks to 5G & FTTx technology. The integrated solutions for accurate and high-quality automatic cable laying jobsite consist of a range of machine for microtrenching with several relevant benefits.

CLEANFAST: trench and dust suction for the deployment of FTTx

An efficient utilization of Optic and Electric networks in urban and motorway environments thanks to micro trenching operations with Cleanfast, the only easily usable road vehicle equipped with an axially driven powerful trenching wheel and able to simultaneously vacuum out and collect the excavated material.

  • Quick network deployment process and restoration of the road
  • Clean and Dust-free job site
  • Increased safety and reduced environmental impact
  • Quality of network deployment
  • Cost efficient works

> More info about Cleanfast here


CITYCLEANFAST: the tiny and smart solution

A brand-new model, Marais patent - the ideal solution to deploy fiber optic networks in urban and narrow environment. Thanks to its vacuum system, the equipment performances clean microtrenches for the deployment of FTTH, CCTV, smart grid and electric networks.

  • Cleanliness of trenches and job site
  • Vehicle traffic not interrupted during the works
  • Limited disturbance to residents and increased safety of the work site
  • Preservation of the road foundations
  • Quick restoration of the road and small footprint
  • Reduction in building costs

> More info about Citycleanfast here


SIDECUT: narrow trenching innovation

Side Cut trenching innovation is the only true way to achieve a new network superfast broadband build. Revolution of these units to reduce the traditional trenching operations of an excavating machine that would be used on a much larger trench cut opening with major disruption and closures.

  • Small footprint unit for trenching in restricted areas
  • Reduced spec on both width and depth of the required trench line
  • Variable offset for straight and radius cuts to reduce reinstatement materials and cost
  • Vertical trench wall cuts on raised curb & carriageway levels
  • High torque performance for variable ground conditions
  • Remote controller for all-round vision of marked underground services
  • Removable cutting segments for optimum production with lower maintenance costs
  • GPS integration for as-built documentation
  • Designed for easy transportation into small urban areas

> More info about Sidecut here