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Since the mid-90s Tesmec is active in Russia in the power lines sector, through the supply of stringing equipment.
OOO "TESMEC Rus" was established in November 2011 in Moscow to promote and sell Tesmec products and integrated solutions in the Russian market, find partnerships, support customers with training courses for operators on machines set up and management on site, provide after-sales service and technical assistance during warranty and post-warranty period. The company can rely on a deposit for ready stock and on a technical support center and spare parts supply.
In June 2011, Tesmec S.p.A. and the Russian company OAO FSK EES (Open Joint-stock company Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System) have signed a cooperation agreement on innovation, modernization and development of ENES (Unified Energy System). According to the agreement, the OAO FSK EES and Tesmec S.p.A work together for the improvement of the technology used in the construction and maintenance of power lines in the Russian Federation. Tesmec stringing machines and accessories are designed and manufactured to work in extreme environmental conditions and are certified by the OAO FSK EES.
Tesmec aims at expanding its activities in Russia also in other sectors related to infrastructure, promoting its advanced catenary installation method and trenching technology in the Oil & Gas business.

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