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Acquisition of Marais Technologies

The transaction is of strategic importance for the Tesmec Group in that it allows to expand its product portfolio, enter new markets and use the expertise of Marais Technologies in complementary services.

Tesmec S.p.A. has signed a contract related to the acquisition of the entire share capital of Marais Technologies SAS, French company at the head of an international group leader in rental services and construction of machines for infrastructures in telecommunications, electricity and gas.

The acquisition is of strategic importance for Tesmec in that it will allow the Group to use the technological skills developed by Marais as part of the service activities in telecommunications and laying of optical fibres and of underground electrical cables and to use them in markets where the Tesmec Group has already acquired an important market positioning. Moreover, the acquisition will allow Tesmec to enter in the French market and, more in general, in all the markets where Marais is a leader (Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) with the aim to further expand its activities in telecommunications, where significant investments are planned over the next few years. Finally, the transaction will allow the Tesmec Group to use the expertise of Marais in the rental of machines and in complementary services.

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April 10, 2015