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Tesmec received the 2017 IATT Award

Tesmec Group received the 2017 IATT AWARD for its Explorer 2.0, the GPR System for research and mapping of underground utilities.

IATT’s jury selected Explorer 2.0 as the best system among several ground-penetrating radars, due to its ability to minimize the risk of accidents during the new fiber infrastructure installation guaranteeing the public safety and reducing the overall costs of construction sites; moreover, it minimizes public annoyance and any inconvenience for commercial activities and road traffic.  

IATT, Italian Association for Trenchless Technology, as a non-profit organization fosters the research on scientific and technical knowledge in trenchless technologies, enhancing their uptake among public institutions and administrations, network services companies, technicians, researchers and students.
IATT is affiliated with the London-based ISTT – International Society for Trenchless Technology, the institution covering 26 associations representing 30 European and non-European Countries.

The President and Managing Director Ambrogio Caccia Dominioni commented: ”This  important award rewards our capacity for continuous innovation, always intended to anticipate the market’s needs.”


December 12, 2017