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Road construction & re-enforced concrete removal with Tesmec surface miner 1150 RH

A successful experience of using a Tesmec Surface Miner 1150 RH for road concrete removal

The Process

The 12’ drum is the perfect size needed for one pass; thorough and fast road construction

  • Downcutting mode | Material Left in Ditch

Parking lot and reinforced concrete removal:

- Concrete with 1/16 Rebar

- Digging Depth up to 6”

- Production: 227.5 Cubic Yards in 3 Hours

  • Upcutting mode | Taking the material out of ditch and loading it into a truck with the loading conveyor

Highway – Concrete:

- Concrete Removal with 1/4” Rebar

- Digging Depth 12”

- Production: 68 Cubic Yards in three hours

The Results

The 1150 RH can be easily transported with one truck load, making the job started efficiently.

The Machine was equipped with a truck loading conveyor which directly loaded the material into truck. 1150 RH was able to remove 90% of the material, leaving a very clean ditch and a very happy customer!