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Sustainable Technology

Our future depends on technological development that helps to protect the planet from pollution and climate change. The advanced technologies developed by Tesmec are always focused on the improvement of performance with respect for the environment. Tesmec is committed to reducing emissions, increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. We aim at the lowest environmental impact: our machines are equipped with high performing low-emission engines and with automated controls, resulting in improvement of the operations and reduction of errors. Deforestation is minimized thanks to the use of Tesmec modular and detachable stringing equipment. Tesmec trenchers allow reduced excavation sections and the excavated material can be reused. All these objectives are achieved by always bearing quality, innovation and efficiency in mind.


Design of Tesmec equipment pursues goals of energy efficiency and environmental protection. Tesmec machines have engines with low noise and low pollution emissions (or zero emissions, considering the new generation of electric stringing machines), we choose the best components to avoid leakage of lubricating and hydraulic fluids and we try to avoid the use of polluting material. Many technical and financial resources keep all the machine range updated with the state of the art Diesel Engine. We have achieved a dramatic reduction of pollution in the last years, as the Diesel engine upgraded from Tier 1 to Tier 5. The safety of Tesmec machines is the result of 70 years' experience in designing and manufacturing.


Electrical system powered by renewable sources are experiencing a strong development but there are some considerable difficulties in their expansion because of problems arising from delays lack of grid interconnection. Renewables have high variability and instability of generation and existing networks can manage only low levels of variability. This is the reason why Strong and Smart Grid are needed. Tesmec is operating in projects aiming developing of renewable sources and it is collaborating with consortiums and research institutes working on this issue. The sun is the renewable energy source on which we have invested to reduce the environmental impact of our work. On the roofs of the manufacturing plants of Grassobbio, Monopoli and Patrica (Italy) we have installed solar panels. They daily provide clean energy to our facilities.


Tesmec facilities are environmentally friendly: the entire production process has reduced the use of polluting materials and has a proper disposal of waste, confined to special areas with adequate air treatment. In particular, the development and manufacture of our machines are focused on efficiency, safety and quality from the design phase of the components to the analysis of materials and strict quality controls. We have developed specific devices designed for the sole purpose of increasing safety, and we have equipped our products with electrical and electronic controls to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, and to enable easy and proper use of machines.


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