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Tesmec: a global reality!


We pursue a "Glocal" growth strategy, which means being a global force, but with deep roots in strategic areas of the world. This approach enables us to identify and meet the needs of different markets.

We recognize the influence of cultural differences and national expertise in our business decisions. Our commitment to working in harmony with local cultural contexts not only makes us more adaptable, but also improves our overall performance.

Discover our branches:

•Tesmec Spa

•Tesmec USA

•Tesmec SA

•Tesmec Guinea

•Tesmec Maroc

•Tesmec New Technology

•Tesmec Peninsula

•Tesmec Energy

•East Trencher

•Tesmec Australia

•Groupe Marais

•Marais New Zeland

•Marais Cote D'Ivoire


Learn more about our branches! Contact us at: