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Tesmec presents "Teo - Tesmec Evolution Onwards"

Tesmec is pleased to present "Teo - Tesmec Evolution Onwards," a new innovative digital eco-system dedicated to the world of stringing. The system includes numerous services and applications aimed at significantly improving the experience of using digital stringing machines on the construction site, making them as intelligent and increasingly reliable workmates.

Teo CTRL Room is the first service to be released in Teo's digital ecosystem: a digital service for remote control, monitoring, and management of stringing machines for a more efficient, safe and sustainable jobsite. In fact, Teo CTRL Room allows real-time monitoring of jobsite performance, global machine status, and fleet geolocation. Thanks to Teo CTRL Room, remote monitoring of the jobsite has never been easier. This innovative system includes a wide range of services and applications designed to simplify and optimize the work of everyone in the industry.


Teo CTRL Room

Key features of Tesmec's digital ecosystem include:

  • Real-time monitoring
    One click is all it takes to access all machine data. Using the platform included in Teo CTRL Room, the user can stay on top of performance, engine status, and more. Real-time.

  • The fastest remote support ever
    Work on the job site is changing, and Tesmec is supporting customers geared toward increasing efficiency by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by digitization. The Teo suite, for example, will enable better management of technical interventions precisely because of the connectivity with which all digital stringing machines offered will be equipped.

  • Predictive maintenance
    For a worksite that is always active and efficient, Teo CTRL Room will allow operators to constantly monitor the condition of the machines, encouraging better, more informed maintenance, apt to significantly reduce downtime.

  • Other features
    Beyond monitoring, beyond technical support: Teo CTRL Room offers a true Intelligence service at the service of its customers. This will be possible thanks to geolocation of machines, detailed reporting, monitoring of weather conditions on site, and the ability to send messages to operators directly from the platform.


Teo's evolution does not stop: many more services will be released later and will make up an increasingly complete digital suite with great innovative value. To stay up to date:

Teo Tesmec Evolution Onwards