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Upcutting vs Downcutting Rock Hawg

Tesmec surface miners can work up-cutting and down-cutting by changing the attachment. Choose the right excavation mode according to your needs.

  • Down-cutting version leaves the excavated material behind the machine. Material can be stockpiled or removed immediately. This version is optimal for soft ores such as gypsum, coal, salt.
  • Excavation without conveyor belt In the down-cutting mode the absence of conveyor belt allows to cut vertical sidewalls, reduces the width of the machine and results in increased efficiency, lower costs and no need for maintenance.
  • The up-cutting version leaves a clean and flat surface by discharging the excavated material laterally with a conveyor belt.
  • The area can be immediately re-cut, without any preparation. This is a big advantage as it optimizes the spoil removal and worksite efficiency. There is no need for immediate cleaning of the working area.
  • The Rock Hawg can excavate several times in the same area, thanks to lateral discharge of the excavated material.
Working mode
  • The teeth hit the rock from the top downward and the impact increases the efficiency of excavation if the rock is brittle (highly fracturable).
  • All the available power of the Rock Hawg is used for excavating the rock.
  • Excavated material is not mixed. Different materials can be separated during the loading phase.
  • The teeth hit the rock from the bottom upward. Reduced impact, less vibrations and increased capability to excavate solid, harder rock.
  • The total cutting force is increased by crawler pull.
  • Excavated material is loaded and stockpiled beside the excavated area.
Most suitable for... Fractured rock mass Brittle (Fracturable) rock From weak to medium strong rock Unfractured rock mass Tough (not fracturable) rock From medium strong up to very strong rock


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