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Tesmec's trencher mission is to ensure a safe and secure working environment. Our operators safety is always at the heart of every action. The company has adopted several protective measures that reflect its ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of its employees.

Individual PPE: Each operator is equipped with the tools necessary to do their job safely, which include helmets, goggles, gloves, and ear devices.

Find&Fix: Tesmec promotes a culture of hazard reporting. Operators are encouraged to identify and report potentially dangerous situations in a timely manner.

Safety Talk: Regular "Safety Talk" meetings are a key time to discuss workplace safety. During these meetings, crucial safety-related topics are discussed, experiences and tips are shared, and updates on new procedures or protective equipment are provided.

Regular Training Courses: Tesmec understands the importance of ongoing training to avoid incidents at work. Therefore, the company offers periodic training courses to all its operators.

The 10 Life-Saving Behaviors: These fundamentals are key to creating a safety culture in which every operator is responsible for his or her own safety and that of his or her colleagues.

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