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Marais Cote D'Ivoire

Marais Cote D'Ivoire

Marais Cote D’Ivoire, a 100% subsidiary of Marais Group, was founded in October 2016 in Abidjan to provide rental services or subcontracting works for the mechanical laying of underground networks in West Africa and promote the newest technologies of the Group.

Marais Cote D’Ivoire operates in the following markets: telecommunication, optic fibre, conventional energy and renewables (solar and wind), water, mining.


  •   +225 8880 8274 |  +225 2135 9677
  •   Résidence Bégonia - Rue Louis Lumière Zone 4 Marcory-Bietry
    06 BP 432 ABIDJAN 06 | Côte D'Ivoire