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Leader of Sustainability 2024

Tesmec Group is proud to be confirmed among the

Construction Week magazine: new standards in excavation technology and construction efficiency

Tesmec offers innovative solutions for trenching in every type of soil and condition.

Construction Week magazine: innovative and high-performance solutions

Tesmec is advancing technology, safety and sustainability in many

Construction Week magazine: digging deep in the Middle East

Francesco Morosini, CEO of Tesmec Saudi Arabia details how the global firm is redefining roc

Nuova Demi quarry

Tesmec is dedicated to achieving excellence and ensuring the highest quality of its

Boarding ticket for a demo of the new hybrid diagnostic vehicle

Tesmec Rail has a diagnostic vehicle model OCPD002-e available for demos

The diagnostic ve

Opening of Tesmec's official Linkedln pages: Central Asia, Guinea and Peninsula

We have officially opened the local Linkedln pages for Tesmec Central Asia, Guinée and Peninsula!

Canavese Project

Tesmec in action in the big Canavese Project!

Project Guiter

Project Guiter: Optimizing work with Tesmec Group's Rock Hawg!

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