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Full electric machine: a solution for tomorrow

Tesmec, the market leader in stringing solutions is proud to introduce on the market a revolutionary machine for unde

Stringing Key Drivers

Tesmec has always been recognized worldwide as the pioneer of stringing solutions.

Re.M for Trenchers and Surface Miners

Re.M provides operating, maintenance and troubleshooting information to improve each machine’s performance.

Recysoil – mobile recycling center of excavated material and construction waste

RECYSOIL® is a mobile in-situ recycling solution for trench cuttings and construction waste in self-compacting mortar

Proud to create trenchers and surface miners

Tesmec trenchers and surface miners boast decades of history of pioneering innovation, and facilities in different Co

Snow removal units

Tesmec, thanks to its know-how acquired over the years and allowing it to offer advanced technological solutions in i

Continuous Linear Puller

The current method for replacing overhead lines conductors involves attaching a new conductor to the existing conduct

Pivoting array blocks: the new Tesmec solution for any conductor diameter

New technology conductors improve electrical performance but require more caution during stringing.

Unified remote multiple command
  • Synchronized traction combined with all the vehicles
  • Command/monitoring of a
Easy pipe tracking for Tesmec GPR EXPLORER 2.0
  • Highest accuracy
  • Increased safety
  • No needs of ex
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