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Mechanical Laying Process
  • Superior quality and accuracy
  • Increased jobsite efficiency and safety
Surface Mining Technology

Tesmec Rock Hawg technology allows excavating in a cost-effective way even strong and unfractured rock completely sub

Why using a Trencher?

Trenching is the most cost-efficient solution for most applications.

EVO Series - The next level
  • up to 70% higher productivity in hard rock
  • up to 60% digging cost reduction
Re.M - Machine and fleet remote monitoring for railway equipment

With the aim to improve each machine’s performance and support its customers, Tesmec developed a remote-control modul

Customized Working Methodology – SNCF Network, France

The TEMFerro consortium of TSO, Mobility, ETF and Setec Ferroviaire has developed a fleet of high-performance on-trac

Italian Network Rail Working Methodology - RFI Network, Italy

Over the years, for the construction and maintenance of the TE line of the Contact Line, methods have been used which

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