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Aluminium Structures

Aluminium Structures


Tesmec aluminium structures are a product of excellence: completely hand welded by certified workers using only top quality anticorodal aluminium of 6000 class certified exclusively in Europe.

Tesmec Aluminium Structures
Hand-Welded High-Quality Aluminium Structures by Tesmec
Top Safety guaranteed by Tesmec Aluminium Structures for Stringing operations
Certified welding for high quality aluminium structures by Tesmec
Tesmec Stringing hand-made Aluminium Structures

Value Proposition

  • The Working Platform PLL is an equipment used to allow the access to the insulator area and the conductor’s dead end joints on anchoring towers.
  • The capacity of the PLL is 3 kN for each of the two ends.
  • Thanks to the single side anti-fall barrier, provided with all the platforms, Tesmec guarantees the highest safety on jobsite.
  • Ladder and anti-fall device are a complex of individual protective devices, certified by a third party organization.
  • Designed in accordance with the Italian TSO Terna.
  • Tested and used in all conditions since 60 years on job sites around the world.
  • Operator safety is always a priority. From 2013 not only the anti-fall devices SDA021 / SDA022 but the ladder itself is certified in compliance with the PPE Directive.
  • Easy to transport and to install, ensuring operations with the traditional safety level.
  • The best solution to reach any area for proper maintenance of such new compact towers.


Code Description
PIL Support Structures
PLL Working Platforms
SCP Monopole Ladders
SCA Anchoring Ladders
SCS-SDA Suspension Ladders
  Tubolar Tower’s Equipment