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Teo - Tesmec Evolution Onwards

New Teo
Tesmec Evolution Onwards

A complete after-sales experience:
all in one suite, multiple services.


Tesmec offers a full range of after-sales services: Teo is a digital suite and it was developed to improve the user experience, transforming the machines into a smart and increasingly reliable work companion.

Teo CTRL Room is the first released application of the new Tesmec digital ecosystem. It allows you to monitor in real time:
 + the performance in jobsite
 + the global equipment status
 + the geolocalisation of the machine



Teo CTRL Room: are you ready for the transormation?

Teo CTRL Room transforms your experience in the jobsite

Real-time monitoring

One click and all the data of your machines will be revealed to you. Performances, pulling force, engines status and much more. In real time.

Timely remote support

Your daily work in the jobsite is changing. With you, Tesmec is ready to change: our best technicians, connected, when you really need support.

Predictive maintenance

Under your control, at your conditions. For the best maintenance experience. For an always active and efficient jobsite.

And much more

Bi-directional messages. Reports. Geolocalisation and weather forecast in the jobsite. Over the monitoring and the technical support: an Intelligence service, just for you.

Teo is in continuous improvement: many other services will be released soon.


Teo - Tesmec Evolution Onwards

Teo is the brand new Tesmec digital eco-system, turning your stringing machine into a smart and increasingly reliable work companion.


Thanks to Teo, Tesmec offers a complete range of after-sales services. A digital suite which improves your user experience in the jobsite.

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