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Reels, Ropes & Joints

Reels, Ropes & Joints


Tesmec designes, developes and manufactures, assuring the quality that distinguishes made in Italy products, a vast range of reels, ropes and joints.

Certified origin of the raw material, full control of the process and high skill personnel is the formula for high safety on site.

Tesmec vast range of reels, ropes and joints.
Tesmec Reels, Ropes and Joints with certified origin of the raw material,
Tesmec Ropes with Factor 3 of Safety
Reliable Reels, Ropes and Joints by Tesmec
Top Safety Reels, Ropes and Joints

Value Proposition

  • Steel Quality: at the same time very strong and flexible.
  • Elongation: lower than 2.5% to avoid spring effect.
  • Galvanising: high resistance to corrosion thanks to galvanizing process of each single elementary wire.
  • Greasing: The strands are greased one by one ensuring much longer lubrication effect.
  • Special Length: available without joints or connectors.
  • Life cycle: longer than any other rope on the market, up to ten years or more (if well maintained).
  • The correct match of pullers and ropes is ensured by safety factor 3, that means breaking load 3 times higher than working load (as per IEC TR61328 rev.03:2017).
  • High tensile strength steel strands allowing higher working and breaking loads with the same linear mass.
  • Tesmec swivel joints offer high ratio between resistance and weight, they are assembled with thrust bearing which allows limited angular movement to adapt itself to the pulley’s groove.
  • The two sections can freely rotate under tension to release torsion accumulated on the line. They are made of high tensile galvanised steel to grant max performances and safety when in use.
  • Handcrafted in Italy by using strands made by single galvanized wire.
  • Excellent flexibility property and performances;
  • Reusable for several operations.



Code Description
BOF Standard Reels
BOC Detachable Reels


Code Description
FUA / FUH Anti - Twisting Steel Rope
FUR / FUS High Resistance Steel Rope
COH / COA Synthetic Fiber Rope
COI / COY Dielectric Ropes & Dyneema© Rope


Code Description
GFT Connectors
GGT Swivel Joints
GCT Single Head Sock Joints
GCT Double Head Sock Joints