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Solutions for predictive maintenance and fault detection on medium voltage outdoor and indoor power lines

Pole Discoverer is a detector of permanent and transient faults for medium-voltage power lines with rated frequency in the range between 50Hz-60Hz. Has been designed to be easily and quickly installed on indoor and outdoor peripheral lines, lacking of any other protection device. Installation does not require direct connection to the grid. It is capable to recognize single-phase-to-ground breakdowns, phase-to-phase short circuits and monitor line voltage presence. Pole Discoverer unit is battery-powered, therefore intended for temporary use with the possibility to remove and re-install the device elsewhere.


No direct connection to power line required.

GPS/GSM alarm available for fault occurrence and voltage absence.

Through dedicated Android App

Compatible with any MT line geometry, indoor and outdoor


Pole Discoverer for predictive maintenance and fault detection
  • Detection of single-phase-to-ground breakdowns, with tunable residual current threshold.
  • Detection of phase-to-phase short circuits, with tunable overload current threshold
  • Line voltage monitoring.
  • Battery powered, 12V / 12Ah.
  • Equipped with IP65 casing for outdoor installations.

Technical Specifications

Detectable events Permanent and ransient faults, voltage presence
Sensors type Inductive current sensor, electric field sensor
Available thresholds for residual current alarm 10A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 70A, 80A
Available thresholds for short circuit alarm 250A, 500A, 1000A
Digital output Nr. 2 programmable relays for events monitoring
Operating temperature -20° C / +60° C
Relative humidity ≤ 93% (without condensation or ice)
Power supply External rechargeable battery 12V / 12Ah
Communication modules GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, Android App
Dimensions (WxDxh) 100 mm x 70mm x 200mm
Weight 3kg
Protection degree IP65 (outer cover)