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Remote monitoring

Machine and fleet remote monitoring

Re.M (Remote Monitoring system) provides operating, maintenance and troubleshooting information to improve each machine’s performance. Any of the available information can be accessed from a remote PC anywhere at any time, with the sole need of an Internet connection.

Login into the Re.M web portal provides you the easiest way to gather machine data, through a continuous remote monitoring of:
- machine position (via GPS) integrated with Google Earth®
- operating conditions (working load, fuel consumption, …)
- accurate productivity measurements by distinguishing machine idle time from actual production time. Knowing this information daily allows you to address the issues promptly with operators, enabling an immediate improvement.
- all main machine parameters (engine, hydraulics, electronics, temperatures)
- geo-fences, that can be created for safety or job costing purposes.

Re.M together with TrenchTronic 3.0 provide Remote Diagnostic & Troubleshooting.

The whole trencher fleet is now 24/7 under control.

Login into the Re.M web portal here