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Metering - Smart Meter


Tesmec technology for innovative, reliable, precise measurement for smart grid using latest generation smart sensors.

Since the inception of electricity deregulation and market-driven pricing throughout the world, utilities have been looking for a means to match consumption with production.

Non-smart meters only measure total consumption, providing no further information on when the energy was used.

Smart meters provide a measuring method for this site-specific information, allowing utility companies to charge different consumption prices according to time slot and season.

Smart meters are used also to detect technical (junction problems) and non-technical losses (energy theft).

Smart metering also offers potential benefits to householders:

- an end to estimated bills, which are a major source of complaints for many customers
- a tool to help consumers better manage their energy purchases and reduce their energy bills.

Smart meter can measure and communicate detailed real time line parameters (i.e. power flow, energy consumption, etc.), provide real time consumption and facilitate data aggregation for complex analysis.

Thanks to this feature consumers can monitor their consumption and, through data analysis, understand how to improve their efficiency.

Utilities can remotely collect data related to their grid’s infrastructures with DMS programs (Demand side management) and consequently schedule maintenance and improvement activities with the aim to provide a better energy distribution service to their customer.

Last generation of smart meters uses:

- more recent protocol and communication media in order to be integrated into the new smart grid
- different sensor technologies to adapt itself to many scenarios (pole, sub-station, etc...).

Tesmec continuously update our technologies to improve smart meter functions:

- last generation of non-conventional CT/VT sensors
- harvesting from power line That’s why our solution could be also used in special stand-alone installation on MV line.