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Outdoor smart metering system for overhead medium voltage lines

Smart Meter Tool (SMT) is an innovative metering and billing system that measures real-time energy consumption on overhead power lines at nominal voltage up to 10kv. The system consists of an array of high-precision non-conventional voltage and current sensors and the central unit SCP (System Central Processing Unit), which processes the acquired signals and provides all the dimensions needed to monitor the basic parameters of the line. The SCP unit is powered by the sensors themselves, which - through capacitive coupling with the MT line - also provide the necessary energy to operate the entire system.


split core CT/VT integrated transducer with power harvesting feature

different available communication interfaces to transmit collected data


  • Unconventional current and voltage sensors with “energy harvesting” functionality for the entire system’s power supply
  • Precision class 0.5s (active energy) allowing tax measures to be developed for invoicing purposes
  • Central unit (SCP) equipped with wireless communication interfaces (GSM/GPRS modem, WiFi, GPS/GLONASS)

Technical Specifications

Line voltage 10 Kv +/- 20% min, 2 phases
Operating current 0-75 A – 0-750 A, (+20%)
Operating temperature - 40° C to +70° C
Grid frequency 50 Hz (+/- 10%)
Макс. мощность, поглощаемая линией Ср.Напр. < 5 W


Active Energy Class 0.5S
Reactive Energy Class 1
Voltage < 0.5%
Current < 0.5%
Частота +/- 0.01 Hz
Load curve integration period (PI) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 60 min (programmable)
Load curve 124 days with PI = 30 min


GSM/GPRS 3GPP standard, rel. 4, Dual SIM
Protocol DLMS, Access to 2 levels with password/MODBUS IPP
WiFi IEEE 802.11 b,g,n. Access point with programmable WEP password, DHCP server
GPS/GLONASS RTC and geolocal auto-sync
USB USB2, DCE Emulation
Display on user side 7” handheld display, instantaneous display of measurements and load profiles in Wi-Fi connection with integrated web server