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Indoor directional Fault Passage Indicator

Low cost, easy to use device, suitable for the monitoring and protection of MV lines with different earthing arrangement (isolated, compensated, etc.) RGDAT A-70/C is easy to install and intended for indoor mounting in secondary substations of distribution network and complies with Enel Global Standard RGDAT-A70 GSTP001.


Easy and quick installation thanks to its split core sensors.

Fault location for fast network reconfiguration.


Tesmec RGDAT-A 70/C Indoor directional Fault Passage Indicator
  • Protection of maximum phase current (51), maximum directional (67N) and non-directional (51N) ground current and absence/presence voltage.
  • 3 remote signaling relay with configurable logic (NO / NC).
  • Automatic adaptation to the network frequency.
  • Recognition of intermittent arcs in directional earth fault.
  • Chronological event recorder with circular memory.

Technical Specifications

Nominal voltage MV 6÷36kV ±10%
Max. three-phase short-circuit current 12.5 kA
Nominal Network Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz ±5%
Max. single phase ground fault current 1000 A
Operating temperature -25°C ÷ +70°C
Power supply voltage 24V DC ÷ 20%
Power consumption 2W
Dimensions 235x162x31mm
Index of protection metal box IP31
EM emissions compliance with IEC 61000-6-4